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agricultural business grants?

Question by : agricultural business grants?
what are the agricultural business grants

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Answer by Sophia Dza
The US government issues agricultural grants to manufacturers and producers of agricultural commodities to aid agricultural development and improve the agricultural industry as a whole through various grant programs

Some of these include

1. Grants to construct better water management facilities and irrigation plants thereby improving the overall quality of water.

2. Reduction of salt load on in the land by carrying out necessary environmental practices. This would lead to better production of agricultural commodities.

3. Improve farm income levels by stabilizing the balance between supply and demand for agricultural produce. This stabilization will lead to better national welfare and less inconsistencies.

4. Grants for establishing agricultural teaching capacities including faculty preparation, instrumentation for reading, development and selection of curriculum and materials.

5. Establishing projects and communities to meet the food and nutrition requirements of people in lower income groups and to assist in improving their general nutrition.

6. Promote national welfare and economic stability and strength in the agricultural industry by establishing strong crop insurance programs.

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Q&A: I have heard that business directories are useful for recruitment purpose.?

Question by Rock W: I have heard that business directories are useful for recruitment purpose.?
Can anyone explain me how is that done?

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Answer by Sam G
Yes, a business directory is a place to find experts in all fields. They contain contact information of people who are not particularly looking for a change. But, it’s a place to try and get contact information of those people who might look out for a change if the right offer is made. Jigsaw is an online business directory that can be used for generating sales leads, primarily, and for addressing recruitment requirements.

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