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Statement Of Purpose – Academy of Business Disciplines  

The Academy of Business Disciplines is an interdisciplinary organization that has as its purpose the expansion of knowledge relative to furthering the understanding of business and all its related functions. This purpose is accomplished by encouraging the membership, comprised of academics and practitioners, to share research and creative efforts. This sharing takes place in a positive, constructive and collegial atmosphere. The annual meeting of the Academy provides a venue where members present their scholarly endeavors. Emphasis is on pedagogical and applied research, although empirical studies are also welcomed and appreciated.

Business Disciplines 

Business discipline is the ability to make choices that will help grow the business over the long term, rather than to take advantage of the short term. If there is a huge decline of revenue, the temptation is to reduce spending to protect the short term business goals. Making investment into business discipline will create improved process and people that will secure dividends well into the future.

Without strong business disciplines in place, implementing ERP and other sophisticated systems could create as many problems as they fix. That’s not much of a return on investment.

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